Sleep Time is Grow Time…

It is important for newborns to get enough sleep.

No parent likes those little catnaps, especially babies not sleeping through the night.  Our newborn Care Specialist are trained and effectively works with parents in sleep training newborns to sleep as it relates to their developmental milestones.  Our newborn Care Specialist utilizes the techniques gained from baby time sleep chart and professional on the job experience to successfully prepare your babies for a comfortable rest.  As the baby gets older he or she will need decent milk feeding before going to bed to sleep through the night.

Swaddling in newborns is also important for babies to sleep longer.  Swaddling keeps the babies secure by preventing them from jerking caused by their movement with hands and feet thus startling them and interrupting their sleep.

Always remember:

“A sweet sleeping baby makes a happy mommy; and a happy mommy makes a happy daddy”.